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Bridgwater Reclamation Yard

Bridgwater reclamation yard is renowned as a primary supplier of recycled Bridgwater clay roofing tiles. Whether you are dismantling a building or searching for rare Bridgwater clay roof tiles, Bridgwater yard is the first architectural salvage specialist in the south you should call or visit.

The reclamation yard does not just supply Bridgewater clay roofing tiles though. Bridgewater reclamation yard also supplies a wide range of recycled building materials. Customers from afar afield as Australia have contacted Bridgwater reclamation yard when restoring buildings and searching for authentic clay roof tiles and other rare building materials to make a restoration project authentic using quality original reclaimed building materials. Bridgwater reclamation yard has been supplying quality recycled materials from our easy to locate recycled building materials business located in the centre of Bridgwater for over 33 years.

In addition to the regular recycled building materials you would expect to find in our extensive reclamation yard, we also supply period and reproduction garden statues, lighting, garden furniture, chimney pots, brick and stone paving, railway sleepers and even slate from Taunton, plus Wood and Pitch Pine from the Old Bridgwater Docks.

Visit us at to find out where we are or to view images of some of our ever changing stock of tiles, bricks and all manner of building materials.