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Bridgwater Clay Tiles

We specialise in all aspects of reclaimed original Bridgwater made clay tiles.

We have original specification details drawn up by the manufacturer of each of the different types of tile, detailing all installation information including typical size, weight, batten spacing's etc. Call for details.

Plain and Interlocking Bridgwater Clay Tiles

De Maas Interlocker:  Gilardon of Essonne

Cont Nib faced Plain:   Marseille Bros:  Marley Minehead: Plain club tile:  Kurstjen Single Roman:  Kurstjens Tile: Cont Nib Plain Tiles: Phillips patent lockjaw; Major patent Interlocking plain: Plain Scallop tile:  John Board Weatherlock:  Plain spade tile; Plain Ziggurat tile

Interlocking Waterbar Bridgwater Clay Tiles

Broomhall tapered:  John Board patent Hurricane; Twinlock: Somerset 13 Acme: Somerset 13 with central bar: Somerset 13 single interlocker; John Browne patent fish scale:  Small Poole with waterbar:  Poole tile: Dutch interlocking glazed:  John Browne Interlocking:  John Browne patent waterbar: Major jumble stuart water bar:  Major jumble II curved:  Bargeboard (for meeting verges); Wineglass paragon:  Square paragon interlocker:  Homestead No 4(Poole/Somerset 13):  

Double and Triple Angle Bridgwater Clay Tiles

Triple angle or delta: Double angle:  Quadruple angle (very rare):  halfbond triple angle:  Triple angle with waterbar:

Roman and Other Bridgwater Clay Tiles

Extra wide single roman;  Single Roman: Machinemade Roman:  Handmade Roman: Glazed Pantile:  Triple Roman:  Bold roll Roman:  Halfbond Roman:  Bold roll single Roman:  Bold roll pantile:  Machine made pantile:  Handmade pantile.